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The Committee of 100 in Finland is a pacifist, anti-militarist, politically and religiously non-aligned peace organisation, founded in 1963. The Committee of 100 works for peace and disarmament. In the age of globalisation, Finland should actively strive for peace, disarmament and human rights, and oppose all violence.

The Committee promotes disarmament and sustainable peace politics through political advocacy, public events, publications and youth peace work trainings. We are an expert organisation with representation in many governmental and civil society working groups, committees and networks related to peace and security policy.

The Committee of 100 is a member of the following civil society organisations and networks in Finland:

In addition, the Committee of 100 is a founding member of the KIOS Foundation.

Internationally, the Committee of 100 in Finland is a member of International Peace Bureau (IPB) and an affiliate of War Resisters’ International (WRI). The Committee of 100 is a member of the following campaigns and networks:

Contact us

In social media, you’ll find us @Sadankomitea.

Our office is located at Peace Station in Helsinki. Check the information below for contacting us.

Suomen Sadankomitea ry
Peace Station
Veturitori 3
00520 Helsinki

VAT Identification number: 0222651-3

Account number: FI59 5541 2820 0003 06

Donations account: FI02 5720 9920 1326 01
MobilePay for donations: 84857

Secretary Genera Jarmo Pykälä
phone +358 40 583 1142

Board members

Simo Lahtinen, Chair
Nora Luoma, Vice Chair

Rahim Alizada
Noora Pätsi
Aleksi Okkonen
Pinja Viitasaari
Terhi Raikas
Marianne Salopuro
Kalle Hietala
Esa Noresvuo

Tuuli Vuori, deputy member
Kaisu Kinnunen, deputy member
Johanna Kelhu, deputy member