Become a volunteer

Peace work looks like the people who do it and so your enthusiasm and skills are needed. Everyone who is interested is welcome to join and we have a huge variety among our membership in this organisation that is over 50 years old. Membership and joining in the action can go hand in hand but you can participate without formally joining, or just support the organisation financially with the membership fee. The choice is yours!

Do you like writing articles on important topics or illustrating?
Join us in making Ydin magazine or write a letter to a newspaper!
Contact the chief editor of Ydin Arja Alho.

Do you want to make the world a better place by listening or participating?
For example the Committee for Security Policy of Sadankomitea or a place in the organisation’s board might be of interest to you. Contact our office:

Do you like meeting new people and peace work in practice?
We need help constantly with fairs, festivals and other events to tell people what we do and what we aim for. We also look for people who are good with their hands to design new products for us. Contact our office:

In Sadankomitea you can do what you like and contribute to good things happening.

The easiest way to join our work is to come and participate in one of our events and come and tug one of our sleeves. You can also call or send email to our office. If you are interested in our work, join our Facebook group. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please keep in mind that Rauhanasema (Peace Station) in Pasila, the home for several peace organisations, is open for visitors and those interested in peace work. If you want, we can arrange a meeting over tea or coffee and tell you more about what Sadankomitea can offer to you. Welcome to our team!